AUGUST—–the month that celebrates and aims to strengthen the value of a husband and wife marital union. Renetta and Dante Wesley are the founders and director of the Husband and Wife Relationship Movement. Mr. and Mrs. Dante Wesley are the authors of the book F.A.C.T.S. Uncensored (Faith. Attraction. Communication. Trust. Sex.)…In A Professional Sports Marriage, in which it is an uplifting read that recognize each other’s values, beliefs, and ideals.

Having this great American tradition of being husband and wife celebrated will contribute to society in a positive way and offer a husband and wife friendly environment. Many annual celebrations are recognized individually, but this movement offers a chance for celebrating the reason of togetherness as husband and wife. The aim of this HWRM is also to send inspirational messages via social networks, texts and emails, share quotes, philosophy, share loving moments; in all to value and strengthen the basic institution of husband and wife at all levels (religious, society, etc.;may provide additional commentary and views for consideration).